Let us introduce ourselves...  My name is Megan (or Magi as they call me here in Mexico) and my husband is Armando (a.k.a. “Mando,” as my niece and nephew like to call him).

I came to live in Tijuana, Mexico, as a missionary in January of 2010.  At the time, I was working with a home for elderly and later a church's children's ministry.  Armando and I met here in Tijuana, were married in October of 2012, and just recently celebrated our 1st anniversary together! We are also very excited to share that we will be welcoming a baby girl to our family in early February of 2014!
We continue to live in the same neighborhood in Tijuana, Mexico where I've lived for the past 3+ years and Armando for the past 6 years. (For more information about our city and our neighborhood, click here.)  I’ve been working weekends as a nurse at Scripps Health in San Diego, while Armando has been working hard to grow his small business of selling shoes made in his hometown of Leon, Guanajuato.
God has most certainly blessed us greatly… and early this year we felt that He was calling us to more intentionally bless others in our community here in Tijuana. Just as God told Abraham in Genesis 2 — “I will bless you… & YOU SHALL BE A BLESSING…” — we believe that the blessings we receive from God are not to be hoarded, but rather shared. One of Armando’s favorite verses says "Dad de gracia lo que por gracia recibiste." You might recognize it in English: “Freely you have received; FREELY GIVE" (Matthew 10:8).

We found ourselves — like the disciples in the story of the feeding of the five thousand (Luke 9:10-17) — asking God to do something about the many children in our neighborhood who often go hungry. And, just as Jesus told His disciples, God seemed to be saying to us, “YOU give them something to eat.” Though we feared that such would be impossible, as we ourselves were barely making ends meet financially, we chose to trust God.
In January, we began meeting early each Tuesday and Thursday to pray about starting a feeding center. We were joined by a small group of kids from the neighborhood; soon we were sharing breakfast after our time of prayer. One thing led to another and since then our breakfast club, which we call Panes y Pececillos (Little Loaves & Fishes), has grown to provide a Bible lesson & hot breakfast to 50-60 children twice a week.
Our long-term vision is to eventually expand in order to provide these kids with breakfast and/or lunch on Monday-Friday… as well as classes, tutoring, job skills training (Armando is also a baker... so a bakery where the kids could apprentice is our hope!), school sponsorship, etc.
Our hope is to feed them both physically with food & spiritually with the Word of God… and to not only give them a “fish,” but to also teach them “how to fish” by preparing them well for their futures...

(updated October 2013)

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